Rumors about the Apple iPhone X


iPhone X Rumors

iPhone X Rumors

The 10th anniversary iPhone may end up being named Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone X. Regardless of the name, what is more important is that it is due to be released in late 2017, and fans are having all manner of speculations about it. Rumors have it that the iPhone X is most likely to be announced alongside the 7S Plus and the iPhone 7S. The celebratory model phone is most likely to be both expensive and technical. There is a lot of information about the iPhone X that will make you interested, and here is what we know about the phone so far.

Date of Release

Many fans want to know when this amazing phone will hit the market, and how much it is expected to cost. According to tradition, Apple launches new iPhones every September or October, a pattern that is expected to remain the same in 2017. Thus, the iPhone X may be out in a few months’ time.


Supply of the phone will be limited in September immediately after the launch, but mass production will commence from October. However, some rumors indicate that there might be a slight delay in the release due to component shortages as well as technical challenges. Limited production may be experienced until September, when the company will start producing around 60 million iPhone X devices, up from the 25 million expected in September.

Name and Price

With the name still under speculation, there are strong reasons to believe that the device will be called iPhone X, iPhone Decade Edition or the iPhone 8.

Regardless of the name, the phone is obviously going to be expensive, with reliable estimates suggesting that it will sell for over $1,000. The phone’s 128 GB version will sell at around $1000, with the 256GB version selling at slightly over $1,100. Rumors also state that the phone will be bundled with some Wireless Apple Air pods.


As a phone made to celebrate the 10th anniversary, the iPhone X will obviously look very special. Rumors state that the new phone will look something next to an ‘iPhone 7 with glass.’


The new iPhone X will be available in black, gold and silver colors.


The Camera of an iPhone is one thing that fascinates many of us about the device. The phone’s Camera may be used to power the iris-sensor technology, just like the ‘Samsung Galaxy S8.’ The phone’s video will have the ability to capture videos at 4K resolution as well as 60 frames in one second, using the rear and front cameras. The phone’s selfie is also expected to be far better than that with the previous version of the iPhone. The phone will also have a dual module camera that will facilitate 3D photography.

Water Resistance

Apple is expected to use ceramic, plastic or glass for the phone’s back, while different rumors indicate that Apple may opt to use Stainless Steel. This means that the phone may be submerged in water and will not be damaged.

Screen (OLED Technology)

The iPhone X display is rumored to have the Organic LED, also known as OLED screen, which is thinner than the usual LCDs. The stylish screen is one of the features that fans can’t wait to have in an iPhone.

The A11 Processor

Apple is known for upgrading its processors annually. With the same record, the iPhone X is likely to have the A11 chip., which is similar to Exynos 8895 in Samsung and Snapdragon 835 in Qualcomm. Thus, the iPhone X is expected to be super-fast.

As we wait for the release of the iPhone X, those are the features you expect in the amazing phone. Remember to get your’s immediately after the launch because supply is expected to be limited during the first month.


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